India’s burgeoning middle class and affordable options for buying electronics means air conditioners (ACs) are now accessible to provide relief from the sweltering heat for most. Once the AC is bought, it is important to take a few steps to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Here are six ways you can maintain your AC:

1.Clean your AC filters regularly

This is a simple, but highly effective tip. Outdoor units are prone to dust and dirt accumulation, especially in metro cities where pollution levels are high. This is especially critical for people suffering from allergies or asthma as dirty filters circulate dust in the house. Cleaning the filters can improve cooling as well as air quality drastically. It can also reduce compressor running time, while consuming less energy.


2. Keep thermostat away from heat:

Place your thermostat in such a way that is not subjected to direct heat from light fixtures, refrigerators or sunlight. As the thermostat senses heat, it will affect the cooling of the room. You will end up using the AC for a longer time than required. Regulate your thermostat range to ensure optimal usage. The ideal thermostat range for comfort cooling is between 24 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius. A change of 1 degree Celsius in the thermostat setting can impact your energy bill by three to five percent.

3. Shut the doors and windows

Keeping the cold air contained is crucial for the effectiveness of the AC. It will not overload the machine and minimize energy consumption. You can do this by shutting the windows and doors firmly and sealing up any gaps. Get blinds and thick curtains to keep the heat out. Keeping doors open and increasing the cooling area puts a strain on the compressor meant for a specific room size.

4. Invest in a 100% copper low maintenance AC

The benefits of a 100% copper AC are many. Did you know that in addition to ensuring efficiency and safety, 100% copper ACs are also very easy to maintain? A copper tube condenser can be very easily cleaned with just water pressure. This is not the case in alternative alloy condensers. The design of alloy condenser is such that there is very little gap between the tubes and fins. Hence, cleaning the dust, impurities and pollutants accumulated requires very high pressure. This leads to the leakage of alloy condensers, which need replacement in a span of three years. In comparison, copper condensers do not develop gas leakage as frequently. The accumulated impurities also hamper the heat transfer capability of alloy condensers and thus decreases its energy efficiency.

5. Use fans to circulate cool air

Using a ceiling fan along with the AC is another way to get the best cooling. It helps distribute cool air in all parts of the room and reduces the load on the AC. You will have your room cool faster without having to work the AC overtime, thus reducing electricity bill and the unit’s wear and tear.

6. Get your AC periodically serviced by professionals

Get an annual contract to get your AC serviced by professionals. Your AC will run well without giving any trouble for years to come. Here, again a copper AC will prove to be cost effective. On an average, a 100% copper AC requires only two regular service calls in a year, compared to non-copper ACs that need three to four services. In the long run, you will end up saving a substantial amount on servicing.

7. Install the AC unit in a shaded, spacious area

Protecting your outside unit from direct sunlight is important for the overall performance of your AC. Your unit should be installed where there is adequate space for cleaning and maintenance. Installing the AC in cramped spaces will provide little access to the outside unit, thus making maintenance difficult.

Follow these tips and enjoy a cool Indian summer!