Cost is always a major factor while purchasing any machinery or electronic item. While the upfront cost plays a major deciding factor, it is important to keep the long-term operational, maintenance and replacement costs in mind.

Whenever you look to buy an air-conditioner, you should consider a 100% copper unit, where the indoor evaporator unit, outdoor condenser unit and all connecting pipes and tubes are made of copper.

Here are four reasons why a 100% cooper unit trumps all other options:

1. Lowers maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of any machinery can have a long-term impact on your pocket. A through and through copper unit can be easily cleaned with jet pressured water, removing any dust or impurities. Other alloy metals need harsher pressure cleaning, which would result in leakage and damage; hence, cost of replacement.

The other major advantage of having a 100% copper unit is that it works perfectly fine in just two full services in a year as compared to four required by other non-copper units. A copper condenser too lasts twice as long as seven years and more, whereas a non-copper condenser will have to be replaced about every three years. Over the lifespan of the unit, a 100% copper choice could help you save tens of thousands.

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2. Maintains star rating efficiency for longer

All air-conditioners are star rated with the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER). The higher the star rating, the better the performance and lesser the energy consumption. Over a period of time, the performance of all cooling units depreciate; however, a 100% copper unit is able to withstand damage due to usage, environmental factors, etc. and retains star rating efficiency for a longer period of time. In fact, based on salt spray test to simulate life span of an AC, it was found that copper unit offers 15% more energy efficiency as compared to other alloy or non-copper cooling units in the long run, significantly reducing your power bills.

3. Lasts longer

Copper is a strong metal and extremely pliable, which means that copper especially used in connecting pipes and outdoor condenser units will last longer than other metals. Copper ACs are reliable and durable, helping you save on potential long-term repair costs. During installation, it can get around nooks and corners easily without damage, reducing cost on account of wastage.

Apart from the inherent ductile capabilities, copper is corrosion resistance. It can withstand weathering from humid and saline conditions, dust and pollution. While other metals are subject to corrosion that lead to leakages, copper does not get impacted by the environmental impurities. Hence, it offers a longer shelf life to your air conditioners coils.

4. Easy to repair


Any kind of damage to copper components, which is rare, can be easily repaired on site and re-used. Other metal alloys almost always have to be replaced. The recurring cost of buying and installing these components every now and then will significantly add to the operating cost of your unit as compared to using 100% copper units. Not to mention, you will be left without any cooling options every time there is a downtime.

Armed with this information, talk to the salesman and understand the best options for your needs when you go shopping for your next air-conditioner and remember to look for the 100% Cu sticker on the unit.