Cable selection and wiring systems

From 2012-2019, India had 8000-14000 electrical accidents every year. Out of these, 3000-5000 incidents resulted in human fatalities each year.

Role of Medium Voltage Cables in India's Growth

Medium voltage (MV) cables are a vital component for generation and distribution networks. Cable products used in systems with voltage ranges up to 36

Safety and Power Quality Issues in Solar PV Installations

As the world is moving towards greener and cleaner energy, solar energy is one of the top sources of power generation.

India's EV Aspirations - Safe and Efficient Charging holds the key

Learn About the 4 key issues which could dampen India's EV aspirations

kVAh Billing - Understanding the Benefits

This webinar will throw light on the 4 key issues which could be driving your energy bills higher due to poor Power Quality

How to Prevent Electrical Fires & Fatalities in Buildings

This webinar is a part of the National Electricity Safety Campaign 2020 Organized by CEA in association with ICA India, BIS and IEEMA