Electrical Safety in Hospitals

Webinar Date: 11/09/2020
Webinar Time: 04:00PM to 06:30PM


Poor Electrical Safety in Indian Hospitals is pointing towards an emergency in the COVID era. The webinar will focus on Electrical Installations in hospitals, Medical equipment’s’ susceptibility to power quality, designing of power supply arrangement, Fire prevention & life Safety in Hospitals, etc.
This webinar is a part of the National Electricity Safety Campaign 2020
Organized by CEA in association with ICA India, BIS and IEEMA

Session Moderator: Mr. Debdas Goswami, Senior Advisor, ICA India      

The topics covered under this webinar are:
1. Context Setting by Industry Voice
2. Electrical Safety in Hospitals – Reference & Case Studies: Recent Electrical Fire Accidents in Hospitals
3. Need of Lighting & Surge Protection in Hospital Buildings


Shreegopal Kabra

Past President, IEEMA

 MD & President, RR Global

Panelist 1

V Srinivas

CEO, Synergy Infra

Panelist 2

Manu Mukundan

Manager, Lighting Protection Solutions, DEHN India Ltd

Panelist 3