Power Quality and Electrical Safety in Buildings (High Rise & Commercial)

Webinar Date: 16/10/2020
Webinar Time: 04:00PM to 06:30PM


Poor power quality not only creates disturbance in the electricity distribution system affecting customer service and/or utility meeting key performance standards but also has financial impacts on a country’s economy. Some recent study estimated economic loss of INR 6000 crore is caused by poor PQ. A Power grid study, based on measurements carried out in 175 cities/towns at different voltage levels, showed presence of high content of voltage harmonics at 65 cities/towns, for a duration ranging up to 4% of time. Transmission system voltages and current were found to be rich in 5th & 7th harmonics. Whereas LT level was found to have high content of 3rd harmonics. Voltage unbalance exceeding permissible limit (for short durations) were observed at 79 cities/towns during the field measurement. Many instances of voltage sag/dip were also observed in the transmission network. Higher value of flicker that gives an impression of instability in the visual sensation were observed mainly in the LT supply almost all the cities/town across the country.

As part of National Electrical Safety Campaign 2020, series of webinars are being organized and a recent webinar held on 16th Oct addressed the issue of Power Quality and Electrical Safety through a panel of National /International Experts, who shared their thoughts and offered their insights on how do we address this domain of making India ‘Electrically Safe by making our Power Quality environment better’ especially when it comes to high rise buildings and commercial buildings striving for sustainable goals with 3600 views.

Session Moderator: Mr. A.S. Bakshi, Ex Chairman, CEA

This webinar provides insight into:
1. Impact of Design on Power Quality
2. Common Issues & Its relation to Power Quality
3. Mitigation actions to deal with Power Quality Issues

Webinar Video


N.K. Jain

Owner, N.K. Jain Consulting Engineers

Mr. N.K. Jain has professional work experience of more than 47 years in designing, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical Distribution Systems and other utility services for industrial, commercial and IT facilities

Rajen Mehta

Managing Director, Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

His expertise spans designing, manufacturing, deploying and commissioning advanced power conditioning solutions to conducting advanced power system studies

Dr. Venkatesh

Vice President, TDK Electronics

His expertise areas include R & D of power products, high voltage engineering, Power Quality, Diagnostic testing and condition monitoring, Technology & innovation management, product life cycle analysis, large scale integration of RE into power grid, CDM, sustainable development and low carbon economy, energy conservation / energy efficiency and T & D technologies