Safety and Power Quality Issues in Solar PV Installations

Webinar Date: 23/10/2021
Webinar Time: 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM


As the world is moving towards greener and cleaner energy, solar energy is one of the top sources of power generation. With the launch of National Solar Mission 2010, India aims to achieve 100GW of solar power capacity by 2022. Also, the government offers special subsidies and incentives schemes to promote use of rooftop solar PVs.

As solar power becomes more popular and prominent, it is important to remember that the electric grid is a dynamic system. Solar energy requires many individual pieces of equipment to construct and operate a system properly. When something gets attached to the grid, it can change the system to a certain degree. When solar systems are attached to the grid, we may see power quality problems occur for both the solar site and the utility.

The output of a solar panel is always fluctuating. This output goes through an inverter in order to convert the DC to AC. An unconditioned AC voltage can create various power quality issues.

To eliminate these risks various factors need to be taken into consideration viz. Installation environment, design of wire network, the wires/cables used in installations etc. This webinar focussed on the best practices of Solar PV installations to eliminate the Electrical Safety and Power Quality issues.


Session Moderator: Debdas Goswami, Sr Advisor ICA India

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Mr Sivaramakrishnan

Advisor to ANERT, Solar Consultant

He is Chartered Engineer and Corporate Member – Institution of Engineers (India), Kochi LC.

And a Certified Trainer – Qualification Packs of Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer and  Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneur with Skill Council for Green Jobs, MSDE.

Also, a Member Expert Committee of Solar Plant Inspection Scheme, ANERT (State Nodal Agency), Kerala

Debdas Goswami

Sr Advisor ICA India

Panelist 2