International Copper Association India(ICA India) pursues programs to reduce the demand for energy in ways that benefit the environment and do no adversely impact living standards. These programs rely on market forces and new technology to lead us to a better future. ICA India also supports programs that develop new technologies for increased use of alternative renewable energy sources. ICA India regularly participates in public forums and such other events globally to promote safety, energy efficiency and sustainability. We constantly strive to strengthen the link between stakeholders of energy efficiency and climate change. ICA India contributes mainly through its’ catalytic role accelerating changes and assisting policy makers to transform their long term policies in a sustainable manner through its various program initiatives.

Our Initiatives

  • Copper and Building Construction: Where copper products like tubes and low voltage wiring are focused, are at the core of the ICA network and have significant human and financial resources invested within them.
  • Copper and Sustainable Electrical Energy: Adopt a systems approach in the promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation and the spread of electrification. It is a vital tool of sustainable development as it addresses economic, social and environmental needs of current and future generations.
  • Copper and Original Equipment Manufacturing: Aims to optimize energy efficieny in household appliances.
  • Health and Environment: Develops and uses sound science to foster product stewardship and sustainable development through the entire life cycle.
  • Copper and Public Health: Promotes Antimicrobial properties of Copper which can assist in reduced rate of secondary infection in medical and commercial buildings
  • Technology: Explores new technology platforms, working with external qualified organizations and individuals. Where appropriate,commercialization of R&D is managed through venture capital like practices.
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