Case Studies

Solar Water Heater Case Studies Booklet

In this situation, it is our moral duty not to use any type of conventional fuel and avail Solar Thermal Energy available abundantly from SUN free of

A case study of a 100 kVA legacy Distribution Transformer Active Repair executed in Chengalpattu Distribution network area, Tamil Nadu, India

Realizing the need to improve the life of DTs, various possibilities were explored, one among them being better-quality repair practices.

Replacement of Old Inefficient motors with Premium Efficiency (IE3) Motors

Banswara Syntex Ltd. is one of the largest single-mill set ups of fibre-dyed yarn in ASIA.

IE3 Motor Case Study

Energy Savings in IE3 Motors by matching load RPM

Power Quality Monitoring using Transient Analysis in LV Power Distribution Network

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. (Mahavitaran) is one of the largest power distribution companies in India. It has over 6.3 lakhs