By using copper, the sustainable building community can create structures with features that not only preserve the integrity of the environment, but also promote occupant health and wellbeing. An impressive and dynamic array of designs, technologies and products are available to support smarter, greener and healthier buildings. Wires and cables connect every aspect of our modern lifestyle which commands uninterrupted and efficient electricity supply. Copper’s unique electrical and thermal properties make it a secure, efficient and durable material for residential and commercial installations. It is maintenance-free, lasts for decades and can be recycled.
ICA India’s Wire and Cable in Building program aims to promote best practices in electrical installations, power quality, energy efficiency and sustainability, such as renewable energy and electric vehicles. India is a fast growing economy and its energy consumption is likely to double in the next six years. This makes it vital for the country to develop quality electrical infrastructure that will support its growth for years to come.

Wire and Cable in Building FAQ

What is “all-copper” quality wiring?

Simply stated, “all-copper” means that the electrical service inside your home is carried exclusively through electrolytic Copper wiring. This includes the Copper conductors used in your circuit breaker panel, in branch circuit wiring, to outlets, switches, lighting fixtures etc., and in branches serving heavy-load appliances such as, cooking ranges, ovens, washing machines and air conditioners.



What We Do

ICA India has been actively involved in promotion of Best Building Wiring Practices at the urban and rural households. Our various seminars are aimed at increasing awareness of Best Wiring practices to various stakeholders. They include the Regulators, housing development bodies, private developers, contractors, consultants, engineers & architects, electricians etc.
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