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Building wire program aims to promote electrical safety. The objective is to ensure that the international electricity safety standards and codes are embraced by all the electricity users in India and Bangladesh by apprising them of the benefits of following the established right wiring practices mainly Copper wires and thus, avoiding fire or other accidents.

For achieving these objectives, ICAI is working on discouraging users from usage of lower denomination cross section wires at or below 1 mm2 in buildings and increasing the minimum denomination of these wires to 1.5 mm2.

Considering the need for applying these standards to old buildings too, ICAI is working for making it mandatory for periodic inspection of such buildings and for ensuring that they follow the right wiring practices during renovation or rewiring.

Key Highlights
  • Training Program: About 15,000 new electricians and electrical contractors were addressed in 2013 - 2014 through 245 seminars on “Electrical Safety in Buildings” across the country covering 24 states.

  • Improved Wiring Standards: ICA India has convinced 15 state PWDs out of 24 state PWDs to specify Copper (earlier Aluminium & Copper) as the only conductor for wiring within all government buildings. Minimum 1.5 mm2 diameter was specified for light load, a shift from 0.75 mm2/ 1.00 mm2.

  • Promotion of Standards: For promoting the revised “National Electrical Code” (NEC-2011), Promotion Campaign was taken up by organizing seminars in sixteen major towns during 2013 - 2014 with focus on electrical safety aspects to be followed during electrical installations in buildings in accordance with the latest revision in NEC-2011.


What is “all-copper” quality wiring?

Simply stated, “all-copper” means that the electrical service inside your home is carried exclusively through electrolytic Copper wiring. This includes the Copper conductors made from electrolytic Copper used in your circuit breaker panel, in branch circuit wiring (to outlets, switches, lighting fixtures etc.), and in branches serving heavy-load appliances (such as cooking ranges, ovens, washing machines and air conditioners).

Contact Person
Amol Kalsekar
Chief Manager, Building Wire

+91 22 6114 7300
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ICA India has been actively involved in promotion of Best Building Wiring Practices at the urban and rural households. Our various seminars are aimed at increasing the awareness of using Best Wiring practices to various stakeholders. They include the regulators, housing development bodies, private developers, contractors, consultants, engineers & architects, electricians etc.